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Fizz & Almy


Look at those eyes!!

We bussed to Raub, Pahang. Ever heard of Raub? Neither do we but we want to be part of the excitement! 

A wedding of a celebrated son of Raub, Fizz Fairuz & Almy Nadia. Need I say more about the bride? Look at her! 

A wedding where its open to public! we're talking about one of the biggest names in Pahang. We met some cool dudes from Penang. Azzahari from Clique Pictures who was the founding member of The Permaisuris photography covering the wedding too. We also had the Astro, TV3 and when you have all these media, you'll find schools of artiste.

We arrived on the 7th morning, checked in at a place called Resthouse. Some colonial building turned into a hotel. We were then invited to Fizz house just a kilometre away from the hotel.

There, we were greeted by his siblings, his mum and nieces and nephews and whoever! It was a family so huge! Suddenly, we felt like we're not working but like cousins invited to a wedding. Imagine the hospitality.

What happened next was awesome! 

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