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Twenty3 Drink & Dine

Park Regis, 23 Merchant Road.

hey ho let's go!!

It's Singapore Fashion Week and sure thing the planners all full. What's fashion without good food to compliment the busy day.

Gather your partner, best friends or family and look for a cosy or perhaps a nice place to eat. I am sure you have your personal favourites. Here, I want to share with you a new place that you might want to consider. Another hotel that I had my Food Photography done is Twenty3 Drink & Dine at Park Regis on 23 Merchant Road and they have great menu as well. Oh! Something worth taking note is that their dishes contain no pork no lard. They source the ingredients from all halal suppliers. Why they are not halal? Coz they have alcoholic beverages. That is just it. 

These are some photos on their breakfast menu. Can't share all though as I have to wait for them to officially launch it. 


On the side note, I stayed there with my family for a night after a busy afternoon shooting their delicious food. Gave the kids a little break away from home (although it is still in Singapore haha!) and the room was not that bad either. They have gym for those who are fitness enthusiast and not forgetting a reasonable size swimming pool, Park Regis on 23 Merchant Road has it.

I will share with you later on other restaurants or cafes (hipster or not) which I had shot previously. That could be your 'where to eat' bucket list.