Rida in Frames

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fine artists who makes photographs and films cool again.



haffiz ramli

oh, principal photographer, film-maker and editor too. cheers!

i left the job as a trainer for luxury brand and began shooting.

i'll probably laugh too much when we're in conversation. i'll always be honest, open and straight. i am not better than anyone but i give my best shots all the time.

i love sunshine but here, not too much. love color yellow, brown accessories, coffee, gadgets, the beatles, arctic monkeys and tie-dyes.

but most of all, i love my family and people. so let's plan a meet over coffee or pasta if that's too mainstream because i want to meet you.



haslin haini

the creative director, the public relations manager.

i move off the beaten track, i lead to novel ideas and i aspire to be different.

let me know what are your needs or expectations. we'll get them off to an electric start.

sporadically, i pick up the camera.